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Something I get from my Dad


In the fives and sixes of the morning, I like to sit with my coffee and savor the time that feels like I’m the only one in the world awake. If I had a newspaper subscription, this is when I’d head out in my slippers to pick it up from the stoop, then settle myself on the couch and orient myself to the day. But I don’t, so I just sit quietly. Coffee percolating, mind thinking. In a day that often feels hectic and over-stimulated (is there any other kind of day in New York?), this early, quiet time feels like the best antidote. This is something I get from my Dad.


2 thoughts on “Something I get from my Dad

  1. Lovely! Reminds me of my dad. Early on Sunday mornings he would get up, sit in his favorite chair and sip coffee while preparing his Sunday School lesson for the high school kids. It’s in the genes!

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